Stroscia is a typical cake of our city, Imperia. It’s made with simple ingredients but it’s very tasty and easy to make. In other words, a perfect dessert!

Difficulty: LOW

Time: 25 minutes

Cost: low

Serves: 4/6 people

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2 TBLSP Marsala or Vermouth, Pinot Noir, Sherry, or Port

2 CUPS flour 

A pinch of salt

4 TBLSP sugar 

½ CUP Rosabianca EVOO

Grated Peel of 1 Lemon

1 TSP Yeast


1 – Firstly, preheat oven to 375°.

2 – Then, put all ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine.

3 – After that, place parchment paper (or drizzle some oil and flour) on a cookie sheet and roll out the dough (1/2″ thick.)

4 – Place in pre-heated oven and cook for 10-15 minutes until brown.

The Stroscia is finally ready! It is a very crumbly cake, so don’t use a knife but just break it apart with your hands. Meanwhile, invite some friends over… Stroscia it’s absolutely perfect not only with gelato, ice cream, but also with a nice espresso coffee!