“The Taggiasca Olive Tree is a really beautiful tree. It has always been part of the life of those born and raised here in Imperia.” Grandma Rosabianca said.

For those raised under the shadow of this tree, it’s easy to forget what the olive tree is and its significance. That is why we want to take a moment to tell what it is, how it grows and what it looks like.

Its characteristics

It is hanged on our terracings (we call them maxei in our slang), taking the sun and the wind of our land.

Even if it is productive after 3 years, in order to have the dignity to be named “Taggiasca olive tree” it needs 20 years… not a lot if you think that its production can last for more than 600 years! Why, indeed, should it be in a hurry to grow up?

The trunk has a unique shape: twisted, sloped and with a knotted stem. Someone could say it is an hostile tree, but really it’s a generous tree. Every year, it provides us with amazing olives!

It is usually 10mt tall. Our tradition, indeed, has always preferred a vertical grow of the tree. Maybe due to the conformation of our land.

Its leaves have a medium size. Indeed, they are larger on the top with a light grey colour. On one side of the leaf the color looks brighter. On the other side the colour is silver.

We call mignole small groups of olive tree flower. The olive tree flowers present a delicate white colour with a yellow point inside.

Do you love flowers bloom? So you have to come visit us between May and June!

It’s finally the time to speak about the Taggiasca olive… but it’s another story!